Comic 5 - Atomics Girl, page 3 of 4

7th Nov 2012, 8:32 PM
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 Atomics Girl, page 3 of 4
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Author Notes:

7th Nov 2012, 8:32 PM
Boy Phaff
Ultras on this page, top to bottom: Quicksand, Cyclone, Taildragger, !mpact, Hardcore and The Synergy.


7th Nov 2012, 9:57 PM
logan force
this is soooo good.
8th Nov 2012, 5:28 PM
Boy Phaff
It'll get better.
23rd Dec 2012, 9:17 PM
At some point there is going to be a realignment of expectations
in this relationship...
21st Apr 2013, 12:43 AM
this page is even better than the last one. Loving this comic!
22nd Apr 2013, 11:46 AM
How many Ultras dost thou have?
22nd Apr 2013, 7:56 PM
Boy Phaff
Don't know. Hundreds. Most of them will need some serious re-imagining though.